Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Blog about James

Congrats to the winner of the name-that-commercial contest, James Wood! I hope to have more contests for people that do not have Tivo and still watch commercials. I am assuming, of course, that James and Andrea do not have Tivo. As promised, here is a blog about my good friend James.

James and I have some fundamental differences. James does not like soccer and I do; James can debate anything well, I debate most things poorly; James uses big words, while I stick to smaller ones; James likes coffee, I think coffee is from Satan; James actually moved out of Memphis after his time here, I am still in Memphis. It is as if we are from completely different worlds.

You may be thinking that it would take a miracle for us to get along with all these major differences. Somehow, quite possibly against the intentions of fate, we became pretty good friends. I remember many conversations in the HUGSR mansion while we were both GAs and slaving away. I don’t know what many of them were about, but I am sure they were important. We served on the Student Association at HUGSR together and changed the school forever (not really, but there are couches in the library now). Anyway, we had a good time hanging out.

As I was thinking about what to write about James, I thought I should come up with 5 adjectives to describe him. I then found words that have a lot of letters in them that are synonyms of those words, because sometimes I think this is the process James goes through in his head when he talks. So here goes my attempt to compliment James on his level. The 5 adjectives I would use to describe James are magnanimous, insouciant, perspicacious, conscionable, and mirthful. And with those words I conclude my blog about James.

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