Monday, June 4, 2007

Race to Nashville

Summer is here, and that means random weekend trips and a lot of fun. This last weekend was one of those trips. On Thursday my brother Mark called and said he was running a race in Nashville on Saturday night, and wanted to know if he could stay with us Sunday night.

Well, we decided to one up that and go watch him race on Saturday night. Justin and Brandy let us crash at their place (I played many hours of Nintendo Wii) with short notice. We ate at our beloved Maggiano’s (incredible ravioli and tiramisu), and then went to the race on the Vanderbilt campus.

Mark ran at about 10:30 PM and I got some pretty lousy pictures with the dark conditions—Mark is the one in the red. Despite my bad pictures, he ran a personal best in the mile—a 4:02.52! That is pretty smokin’ fast. He didn’t win, but he did meet his goal of running his fastest time yet. Of course, the whole trip would have been wasted if he didn’t run really fast (just kidding!). Anyway, it was a fun time and we enjoyed hanging out with Mark Sunday evening. It is hard to get family to the east side of the Mississippi, so we have to snatch up any chance we can get. He asked me when we would be in Edmond next, and it was a little sad because we don’t have any plans to until Thanksgiving or so. BUT, summer is here, and that means random weekend trips and a lot of fun. This next weekend we will be in Fort Worth, TX, for Austin Grove’s wedding.

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