Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm Done With Class—Sort of

Saturday marked the last class for my Master’s of Arts in Counseling! Technically, Friday was the last day, but I still had to take a final on Saturday, which counts as class in my book. Anyway, I am finished with class related to my Master’s degree, although I will have to pick up classes here and there for different certifications that will make me more marketable; BUT, there is just something about knowing I don’t have to take another class unless I so desire. I wish I did not have to do papers for both of those classes, but that is how intensive courses work here—you do all the reading and take the tests, and then have 10 weeks to get the rest finished. I feel like I needed to tell you that because I am not finished until those stinkin’ papers are finished. There will be no party until that time, so no premature celebration, you might jinx me.

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