Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding

Last weekend we went to Austin & Rachel’s wedding just 8 hrs. away in Fort Worth, TX. We checked into our hotel at 3:15 with plenty of time to relax before the wedding at 7. However, from out of nowhere Ben decided to take one more look at the invitation & discovered that the wedding was not at 7 - it was at 2. We completely missed the wedding! Our first reaction was actually laughing hysterically, but shortly thereafter, panic set in & we had to kick it into high gear. Fortunately, we were invited to a private reception, but we were dirty & needed to shower, shave, iron clothes & figure out how to get to the reception.

After getting ready in record time, we flew down the road to get to the reception that we hoped was still going on. We made it to Stockyard Station & finally found where the reception was, but when we found it at 4:30, nobody was there. Turns out we were the first ones there, phew! In fact, no one got there until 5:15. We saw several good friends from our old alma mater OC, including Beau & Jeff & Amy, we danced with our awkward white rhythm, & we had several opportunities to converse with the new couple. And yes, we told them we completely missed their wedding.

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