Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Happened to the Old Us?

The other day we received a promotional piece of mail that included a tropical magnet photo frame. I dug out my favorite picture from our honeymoon & stuck it on the fridge. The purpose of this was to help my case with Ben for us to go on a vacation next fall which I’ve been whining about for a few years now. His reaction, however, went something like this, “What happened to us - we were skinny & tan back then?!” I looked at the picture again & realized that we aren’t in quite the shape we used to be & have gotten a little lazy in our old married ways.

Its tough finding things to do as a couple that A) don’t cost money, B) we both enjoy doing & C) require us to get off the couch. What did people do every night before TV & movies??? Ben doesn’t particularly like to play games & we tend to fight a lot when we try doing house projects together. We do like to take our beautiful puppy on walks & we hang out with our other couple friends a lot, so don’t get me wrong - we do have a life. I’m talking about all the nights that we don’t have plans & just want to stay home…hmmm.

College forced us to stay active simply by walking to class & always having something to do or somewhere to be. When you ‘grow up’ somehow most of us get desk jobs where we sit at a computer 40+ hrs. a week forcing you to schedule in time to keep in shape. Between not exercising regularly & fast food being our Plan A for dinner most nights it’s finally catching up to us. I guess my question is…how as a couple do you stay healthy both physically & mentally after you’ve said your I Do’s?

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