Friday, June 16, 2006


What did we do? We paid off $2200 of debt in 6 months! We made a challenge for someone to join us in this endeavor, but no one came forth on our blog. If anyone was apprehensive about it, I hope we can inspire you. PHEW! What a relief from the stress of all that debt just hanging around us. It’s amazing how much we were challenged in our pursuit of eliminating this debt, although most of the challenge came from ourselves and our immaturity with money. We did have those unexpecteds like some major and minor car repairs, but we made a commitment and stuck to our guns.

God has been good to us. We have a long way to go in being good stewards of our money, but we are trying. It’s amazing how much you want things when you are trying to save your money and be responsible. It’s so unnerving to have to time it just right so the mortgage check doesn’t get to the bank before you get paid. I hope we can get past that for good now. We have a lot of resolutions now.

Of course now we have to really watch ourselves and live like we were living when we had to make those payments. Now it is time to save and give to God as we have purposed. It is so exciting right now for us—we highly recommend this feeling to anyone else who wants it.

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