Friday, July 15, 2005

Tom Petty is Our Hero

Sorry we haven’t blogged lately, but we went to a Tom Petty concert last Saturday night in St. Louis, and we haven’t been the same since. Tom, as we call him, has been touring for 29 years and he is still incredible! The concert was at the UMB Bank Pavilion and it was an outdoor event, and it was packed. We had decent seats and we listened to a truly amazing band rock our world. We met Bobbie and Michael there and had a great time with them. It was just a great experience all the way around.

Let me give you one piece of advice, though. I was under the impression that we could go to the concert and drive back that night. However, we didn’t leave the parking lot until 1 AM and it was a 5 hour drive back! I am, of course, too stubborn and cheap to stay at a hotel for a few hours, so I drove us home. My advice to you is to not be cheap like me and stop somewhere to stay—it won’t be the end of the world. We got home at 6 AM and it was rough. However, we did have some good conversation, some Red Bull, and some cappuccino.

On Tuesday, Mark, Darci, Megan, and Katy stopped and saw us on the way back to Edmond from Nashville. They definitely brightened up our day and gave us some good laughs. It was great to see them and really nice of them to take the time to hang out with us even though they had 8 more hours of driving. I think they were having way too much fun on their road trip! I’m sure if you know any or all of them, you know what I am talking about…

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