Thursday, July 7, 2005

Expedia Stinks!!

Ok, for those of you that don’t know my (Monica) life as a travel agent is one big comic strip. They haven’t incorporated any HIPPA laws in the travel industry yet so I guess I can share this with you. With that said, here’s your story for the day… I’ve been working with a client on a Disney World package the past couple of days & today when she called me surprisingly she had some ‘travel advice’ for me. She informed me that Expedia was having a great special on Disney tickets & that you could get a 7-day ticket for about the same price as a 4-day ticket. She went on to encourage me to tell all my clients about this great deal so they could get the special.

Now, I realize that the travel industry is confusing & that this probably seems 10x’s funnier to me than to you so I’m going to try to explain. Imagine that you were a McDonald’s employee & a customer walked up & started telling you about this great deal that Burger King was having on hamburgers down the street. Not only that, but that you should start telling all the McDonald’s customers about this GREAT DEAL!

The ironic thing was that I had to explain that Expedia didn’t think up this ‘great deal’, but that Disney ALWAYS has their tickets priced this way since they revamped their packages at the beginning of the year. All my client had to say was, “Oh”. The end.

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