Sunday, July 3, 2005

Camp and No Pictures

Camp was awesome! We had a great time and were blessed with good campers. Monica’s dad was amazing (as he always is) at leading the session and her mom was (as she always is) the ultimate behind the scenes player. Only one semi-major injury happened to a counselor (not Monica or me) who fell and hit his head and had a concussion. I am nursing a nasty ear infection right now, but hopefully it will disappear soon. We have no pictures of camp because we didn’t take any with our camera, and even if we did, we don’t have the camera cord.

After camp we headed to Edmond (my hometown) to hang out with my family. It has been a great trip, but we are about ready to head home and see our puppy and all of our friends. Monica had 55 emails in her work inbox, and she is not excited at all about going back to work. I can’t wait to get back to my outside job of mowing and weed eating the campus of Harding Grad School. Good times.

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