Friday, July 16, 2010

When you decide to be something, you can be it.

Just Call Us Roger Ebert
We have been movie watching fools lately! I would much rather be in the great outdoors walking our exercised deprived puppy, but the 100+ heat index temperatures will not allow that. Here's our tally from this past week: When in Rome (F-), Date Night (A), Bottle Rocket (A), The Bounty Hunter (F), Leap Year (B+), The Departed (A) and we plan to see Invictus, Inception and possibly Eclipse (A+) again this weekend!

The Biggest Loser - Thompson Style
Ok, so not really, but I did stick to my goal of doing Barry's Bootcamp three times this week and it feels great having a regular work out routine again (I don't think that's happened since the summer before Ben and I started dating - gasp!). Let's just say that my motivation is that we want to have a baby SOMEDAY and I would like to start with a healthy slate.

I'm getting into more of a regular schedule with only working two days a week and I am choosing to be productive rather than being an HGTV couch potato (oh HGTV how I love you, let me count the ways...).  I even began doing my first pro bono home staging job this week, so stay tuned for before/after pics! 

What's for Dinner for Dummies
After talking to several couples, I realize that we are not the only people on the planet that have trouble planning meals, going to the grocery store to buy ingredients for said meals and actually following through by making them. This issue spills over into  other areas of our lives as well such as our budget (since most of our money goes towards food) and communicating (when we're at our worst, which is usually at the end of the work day when we're both tired, hungry bears).

Our recent health kick has made this even harder since we're trying to buy healthier food. This week I had had enough! I made a list of 5 meals, went to the grocery store and we actually made dinner at home every night AND took our lunches several days - ahhh, sweet success! We are trying to take baby steps and hope to expand our pasta/pizza/soup and grilled cheese menu.

We Go Places
I had a co-worker ask me this week where I'm going. I was confused by the question thinking he was asking me if we were moving, but he just said that Ben and I seem to always be traveling somewhere. I took it as a compliment because I like to be someone who goes places. I confirmed by telling him that we have a weekend trip to Nashville planned in mid-August to see Tom Petty in concert and that we're headed to Portland at the end of September for our belated anniversary trip.

My previous post about arguing was meant to be thought-provoking, nothing more, nothing less. I got a different impression when my parents called to console me after reading it. No worries, Ben the hen and I are back to our fun and crazy life together! Anyone watched any must-see movies lately? What has motivated you to stick to a regular work-out routine? What do you eat for dinner? Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Good for you for working out! I had just gotten into the 3x's a week habit when I found out I was pregnant. Since I was put on restrictions soon afterwards, I quickly lost the trend and can't seem to find the time now! It certainly makes a difference in how you feel!

  2. I hope you plan on staying at the Claytie B&B, or at least visiting with us!!! I've been trying to meal plan/ learn to cook more things too since i've had time off this month. I've done an average job so far.

  3. This is one of my favorite healthy recipes: You should be able to find quinoa in the grocery store with the grains, but you may have to look in a store that has a health food section.

  4. Please don't make the same mistake I did when looking for quinoa - it's pronounced: keen-wah.

    We still struggle with writing menus. One thing we do is to let the menu be a plan from which we can improvise. If I don't feel like making chicken and pasta when I get home, I can make something up or cook a different meal from the menu.

    We also took to planning meals based on our schedule that night. On nights when we would have to rush to get dinner and get out the door we would find a crock pot meal or something equally quick.

    We also like to plan on having leftovers (don't tell Craig), so we'll make a big enchilada casserole and know that we can eat on that for a couple meals that week.

  5. I agree with the crock pot idea. I have some serious crock pot recipes if you want them.