Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're Going to Ireland!

We purchased tickets for March 12-22 for a survey trip to Dublin. Since we are considering going to Dublin as missionaries, we are making this trip with other potential team members to check it out. We have never been to Dublin, so this is our first chance to visit—and we will be there over St. Patrick's Day!

We hope to get a good feel for the church, the culture, the spiritual culture, and what it will be like to live in the city. Dublin is a city of around 2 million and it is becoming increasingly diverse through immigration. People from other parts of Europe often move to Dublin for jobs and move back to their countries after making some money. What a chance to spread Christianity to Ireland and all of Europe!

We hope God will open our eyes and help us as we seek to find out if Dublin is a place he wants to use us. My belief is that God wants us wherever we are, and I also believe God puts it in some peoples' hearts to go to other places for the sake of his kingdom.

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