Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

Ugh… It turns out the 20-25 hr/week job turns out to be only a 5-6 hr/week job. I know this was not what was communicated to me, or at least not what I heard. Maybe I just had my “wishful thinking” ears on at the time. It feels like being punched in the stomach. There is nothing like thinking you have it figured out and then finding out it isn’t so. I’m also trying to adjust to thinking that this job was an answer to a specific prayer about a job, and finding out it was not. My hope is that God uses this door closing to lead me to something else.

It is hard to find a good full-time counseling job. What I mean by “good” is a job that lets me do therapy—not case management, not crisis intervention, not assessment. Also, I have found the more stressful the job in social services, generally the lower the pay, and subsequently the higher the turnover. I may have to give up the search for the ideal job in order to make ends meet. May it not be!

This is my last week of work at my current job. I am not ready to not have a job, but I am definitely ready to be finished working there. We’re seriously tossing around the idea of taking off a few weeks and going somewhere far away. We feel like we need to get out of Memphis and regain some focus. I’m thinking Colorado and snowy mountains.

Unfortunately, chances are you are or you know someone in a similar, if not worse, situation. My hope is all of this leads us to a deeper trust in God; however, I’m finding it harder to trust in God, and also more necessary at the same time…

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