Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a Joy It Is, What a Privilege

I felt like I was “leaning on Jesus” this morning as we sat in the inspection line at 6:40. I felt pretty good about things until I started the car and all I could see was white clouds coming out of the tailpipe. Finally, it came to my turn and I drove in the garage part of the inspection station, and the clouds ceased. No smoke was coming out and the finally passed inspection! There was great rejoicing in the car, and I now live to drive my truck another year.

I would like to thank Monica for coming with me and bringing good fortune; my mechanic for giving me good advice; K-red for his advice and support; American Muffler on Lamar and Knight Arnold (If it has “American” in the title, it must be good); and Autozone for their help in tracking down a part for me. It’s funny, but this really feels like one of the bigger accomplishments of the year. Graduating and passing my licensure exam are a close second and third.

I feel lighter now. It may in part be to all the exhaust fumes I took in while in the inspection line, but I think it is from not having this car thing hanging over my head. I probably made it a bigger deal than it was, but I do feel better now.

Here’s a quick quote for your day (I will try to track down the source soon, because a co-worker relayed this to me after reading it):

“The definition of anxiety is imagining the future without God in it.”

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