Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thompson Update

Here’s a quick update on us. For Ben, it is work as usual—been at my current job for just over one year as a full-time employee. I’m beginning to do some more speaking on mental health issues, which is nice because I get out of the office. I am hoping to qualify for licensure by January 2010, and once I do that, we will have more options as far as moving goes.

Monica continues to look for a job. She is interested in not settling for a job just so she can work, and is doing a lot of work on finding out what a good job would look like for her. She is up to date on the latest news everyday, and is having lunch with friends when she can. The good thing about her not working is that we have three-day weekends every week and over the holidays we will only have to work around one schedule.

We feel like we are in this weird stage where we could go a lot of directions. We try to stay open to different things that come our way and make the best of being in Memphis. We have many dreams and ideas, and we hope to be ready for whatever comes our way when we finish the Memphis stage of our lives.

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