Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DMB and TP

This week is concert week for the Benicas. Saturday night we went to a Dave Matthews Band concert at Autozone Park in Memphis. At 7PM when Willie Nelson was opening for him, the heat index was 105. By the end of the concert at 11PM, the heat index was down to 100. But isn’t that how you imagine a DMB concert should be? Everyone was sweating bullets and cheering everytime there was a breeze. The concert was awesome and we both fulfilled our dream of going to one of his concerts. When someone like the DMB comes to town, we try to go, because it is rare to have a concert of that magnitude in Memphis.

Tomorrow, we will be in St. Louis for a Tom Petty concert. This will be our third Tom Petty concert together and we are pumped! We’re going with some good friends who love the TP as well. Monica scored us some great seats, and we are ready to hear some awesome music. That will conclude our concert season for the year (one whole week).

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