Thursday, April 10, 2008

Response to Comments on Last Blog

The simplest explanation of Christian counseling is the first line of Ann’s response. If I added that with Jason’s, I would say Christian counseling is counsel given from a Christian paradigm that seeks to connect one with God’s healing power. So, I just tell people to pray more and go to church more! (I am kidding). If I did that, I would violate the principle that God uses people and relationships to help people heal from their wounds.

Soapbox time: If, as Christians, we listened to each other more, I believe I would see less Christians in my office. I listen to people who are not listened to anywhere else, even, and sometimes especially, church. I am still working on listening without going into “solution mode.” I call listening getting out of the way of God. People already have enough people telling them what to do, and if that worked for them, they wouldn’t be in my office.

Churches are full of people with solutions, but the listener is a rare breed. I think there are more answers than questions out there. I believe the body of Christ would grow exponentially if we were known as the ones with ears rather than mouths. As a consequence, I would be out of a job!

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