Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We Have a Wii

This is probably no big deal to most people, but we (or Monica with my b-day money) somehow ordered a Wii off of Amazon last week. Apparently a co-worker had a watch on the item, alerted Monica when it came up, and we got it for retail, and not from one of those special people trying to sell them for $500 and causing false supply and demand—bless their hearts. Anyway, my recent rants about materialism have been challenged, and I gave in to this guilty pleasure. It happens.

Last week Monica told me that she did not want me to play it too much because she did not want me to get better at it than her. I told her I was “naturally” better at it anyway and it wouldn’t matter. In fact, I specifically told her she had never beaten my bowling score. She beat me 158 to 150 the first time we played! Hey, sometimes us naturals have bad games. . .

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