Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mas is Over

Phew! We made it through Christmas. This year the holiday went really well for us. We actually drove through 300 miles of fog to get to Springfield from Memphis, and then 450 miles of rain and snow (sometimes mixed) from OKC to Memphis (it's a 500 mile trip). It let up a few miles outside of Memphis, and we were reminded that Memphis must be the Promised Land.

We both have amazing families. We stayed with each family for 2.5 days—we try to make it as even as possible. Much Wii was played, and Guitar Hero 3 was a hit with the adults under 40. We ate and ate, opened gift after gift, and went to bed later and later. Now, it is time to recoup and decide how to spend our Christmas monies.

However, besides the picture in the previous blog and some caroling, we didn't do a lot of thinking about Jesus. Part of that was the Sunday sermon did not have a focus at all on the birth of Jesus, and part of it was that we got so wrapped up in the other holiday stuff. I'm okay with it, though, because it is hard to balance consumer Christmas with spiritual Christmas. Also, the importance of Jesus' birth goes far beyond one day a year. Remembering Christ daily seems to take precedence over celebrating one day. Plus, as a C of C member, I know that Christmas wasn't really Jesus birthday! Maybe we should drop the Christ part and just call it Mas—the season of more. Merry Mas!

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