Thursday, April 19, 2007

Paper Week

Well, it is paper week at HUGSR, and it is nuts. . . for the M. Div Bible guys, that is. Man do they stress out about their papers! My M. Div days are over, but I remember those days. However, I never spent as much time in the library as many of these guys. It kind of makes me feel inferior—kind of like I should work really hard on my papers. I do have a few things in my favor, and I would like to list them:

6. They are typically shorter in length
5. No commentaries or feszhersdgscktnrifts to look up
4. I focus on quality time, not quantity time (not that they don’t)
3. I know my counseling professors will accept me no matter what I write (if they don’t like it, it’s because there is something going on inside of them)
2. We only work in one language, and our original manuscripts are in English
1. They’re just easier, especially since I get to write about how I feel about what I write—that’s at least 2 pages!

I was not trying to be funny. I just want you to know how much easier my life is during these weeks.

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