Wednesday, April 4, 2007

How We're Doing

The Thompsons are doing well, thank you. We are experiencing some disenchantment with the world of work, but we think that is mainly because work is stressful for both of us right now. It stinks how much a bad day at work can affect a person. The whole point of the 8-5 is so that you can leave it there. It’s funny, but Monica and I both get paid for listening to people’s problems. The not so funny part is my clients do not usually take out all their frustration on me, but Monica’s clients often do. If my clients attack me, we get to talk about it, but if Monica’s clients attack her, she just has to take it—the customer’s always right, even if he is wrong!

We are kind of bored right now with our lives. Sleep. Work. Eat. Watch TV. Sleep. That is kind of a crappy routine, but at least we’re comfortable and safe. Things should pick up as the summer comes and we have a little more time on our hands. I’m almost finished with school (two classes this summer) and have a summer job in line. So, we will soon have many more possibilities open to us. The question I pose is this: What do you do when your life gets boring? We need some answers. . .

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