Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Last night at some point, the tool chest in the back of my truck got jacked, literally! Not jacked as in stolen, but with the use of a jack, it was popped open and the contents were stolen. How do I know it was jacked? They left the jack in the back of my truck...I hope they don't want it back. Now, I have to give them some props for creativity, although, I am sure this is an old trick.

We have a neighborhood watch program and it works like this—every night, somebody comes by and makes sure your car doors are locked, and if they're not, they make sure there is nothing in your car a thief might steal. In fact, about a year ago, I left my doors unlocked, and my car was "checked"? by this neighborhood watch.

All things considered, my truck was parked in the street, which makes it fair game in Memphis, and all they borrowed was the new air tank I got for Christmas from my parents—I'd used it once. I will probably purchase another and not leave it in my tool box. Also, they were not tidy thieves, they threw my ropes out on the street. To quote Mary Kate and Ashley Olson's character on Full House, "How wude."? Well, at least I got a jack out of the deal and the thieves will make about $10. The best thing is it confirms my belief that nice things really mean nothing. So, to my wife's delight I come to this conclusion—we should now spend our money on abstract pleasures, like vacations or marital therapy smile that do not fit into truck toolboxes.

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