Friday, September 22, 2006

New Friends on the Block

About a month ago, another couple about our age moved into the neighborhood, two doors down. We were kind of shy and after a couple weeks I talked to the husband and threw a football with him and another neighbor for a few minutes. Later that week we stopped by for a sec to say hi and check out their house. Turns out they needed a kitchen table and we were going to hang out with our friends that night who were selling a kitchen table, so we took pictures of the table and they bought it! That's just a fun fact for you.

The next week we had a cookout with them at their house and got to know them pretty well. He's a Ph. D student in biology at Memphis, and she is a nurse. Then, we experienced the weirdest thing—we left their house and walked home two doors down. It was awesome! Two nights ago we played Yahtzee at our house and they walked home. I think it is so much fun to have friends that close.

This is a dangerous thing because our friends living at a longer distance joke that we don't want to hang out with them anymore because they live so far away. And, our friends who have lived fairly close to us might wonder why we didn't hang out with them since they have always been in close proximity. For those far at a longer distance—we still like you. For those closer—let's hang out more. The point of this blog, though, is that it is really cool to have friends that live within comfortable walking distance—I highly recommend it.

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