Thursday, June 2, 2005

The Sock That Cali Ate

If you want cute, look at our family photo on the previous entry…
If you want disgusting, look at this picture of the sock that Cali vomitted at 3 AM this morning. I am linking it because it is disgusting and covered in puke. She had this sock in her tummy for a week and a half after stealing it from the dryer while our housesitter was doing laundry. We thought maybe she ate it, but we didn’t really think she swallowed it whole. Guess what? She not only swallowed it whole, but it came back whole. We are very luck she didn’t choke. Can your dog ingest an entire sock?

**Click here (barf_sock.jpg) to see the picture at your own risk. If you have weak constitutions or just don’t want to look at something covered in vomit, then don’t click anywhere near here**

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