Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Now For Some Good News

The good news is that we almost have a handle on the money thing. The fraudulent charges are sitting in money purgatory and we are not sure where they are going to go yet! But, I feel optimistic about the whole thing. Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for this situation, we know it helped.

In other good news, I had my last day of work yesterday and my paychecks run about a month behind, so I will get paid through the month. So, I will be a bum with a little cash flow coming in. Also, Monica posted another great month at work. I cannot tell you how hard she works for every dollar she makes! With this and some other help someone very special blessed us with, we feel like we can actually get some things in order.

Cali is doing great! We made it through the worst of the puppy teething stage, I hope. She actually will just walk up to us and put her head in our laps to get our attention instead of taking a chunk out of our legs. If we could just get her to sleep past 6 AM! Our house sitter last weekend found that out the hard way (she also lost a sock that we think Cali ate). Our precious Cali also ate a dead bird the other day—is that bad? Anyway, we have some family pictures to post *relatively* soon.

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