Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You May Call Me Mr. Editor

Life is one big paradox sometimes. One of the paradoxes is how we tell people to read our blog, but we don’t maintain it regularly. Thank you for checking back with us, even if we disappoint. I wish I could tell you about how much has been happening. Really it is just two words—Graduate School. For Monica it is three words—Stupid Graduate School. This is “dead” weak right now and finals are next week. I turned in three papers last week and just have finals to look forward to (I would never end a sentence with a preposition in a term paper). If I make one A and two Bs, I only have to take one summer class. If I make three Bs and no As, I take two summer classes. Let’s pray for an A.

Second paradox—I turned a term paper in two days late and the next day I found out I had been elected Newsletter Editor. I think that is funny for some reason. Maybe I will actually meet my own deadlines, or at least I get to set them. I also get 20% more scholarship for the position. I consider this scholarship an inflation leveler. Tuition is guaranteed to go up at least 10%, so this helps level it off.

On to more important things. Next post will be Cali’s graduation from puppy school. I’ll just say this, she was the only dog to pee DURING her final exercise! Needless to say, she lost some points for that, but I’m sure it was worth it.

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