Monday, April 11, 2005

A Starbuck's Day

Today was the perfect rainy day. Joel & Rachel were able to make a last minute visit to Memphis on their vacation time & it was so nice having them here! They were able to go to our home group last night and meet a lot of our friends. Today after Ben got out of class we took them out for the traditional BBQ meal we take everyone who comes to visit us to @ the Three Little Pigs.

After they headed back to Oklahoma we stopped by Starbuck’s & headed over to the University of Memphis. The U of M library has become Ben’s new love - apparently there were a ton of more resources there for his counseling papers than @ the Harding library. This comes as a shock because the Harding library was one of the biggest selling points for Ben wanting to come here - but the resources are primarily focused on the M. Div. program, not on the counseling program. We were also able to get a personalized library tour & help from our friend John - thanks John, you’re a lifesaver! We thought we’d end our day with some Italian food & a movie night with some wonderful friends.

Mommy’s home!

2 Puppies in a Kennel

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