Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Something Other Than Driving

sandwich2.jpgI know what you're thinking... enough with the driving blogs. Well, I could write about the lovey dovey stuff we do like make each other lunches and put love notes in them. Or, I could write about how we are going to go to different puppy breeders to pick out our future puppy. Instead, I've decided to write about sandwich bags.
The other day we ran out of sandwich bags, which is a travesty when you don't live across the street from Super Wal-Mart. We do live next to Cooper's that has a cop on duty around the clock, but we only go there as needed, and we're packin' when we go. Anyway, Monica decided she would go to the Dollar Tree next to her work and get some new bags. This morning I was making her lunch and opened the box of bags. I pulled one of the bags out and it was a hobbit bag. I couldn't believe how small it was, and I could barely fit half a sandwich in it. It was ridiculous, but I examined the box and it said they were snack bags. What a fluke, but really funny.
It really isn't that funny if you think about it, but the next part is. I put a note in Monica's lunch that said, "These aren't sandwich bags... they're baggetts!" Monica called me at lunch and we laughed for 10 minutes about it. We thought it was funny, but maybe it was just a long day. Maybe we'll blog something with some more substance to it later, but we are watching America's Next Top Model right now, which makes us dumber.

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