Monday, September 20, 2004

On the Road Again

road2.jpgMemphis, TN to Edmond, OK - 8 hrs.
Edmond to Wichita Falls, TX - 2.5 hrs.
Wichita Falls to Edmond - 2.5 hrs.
Edmond to Tulsa, OK - 1.5 hrs.
Tulsa to Edmond - 1.5 hrs.

Edmond to Memphis - 8 hrs.
= 24 hrs. on the road!!
Getting to spend the weekend doing all the things we wanted to do with friends & family that we love = priceless.
I'm not sure how Ben & I possibly survived being in a car together for that long, but we somehow made it without killing each other:) We're quite the Midwest travelers I must say. Throughout our trip we were able to go to one of the most beautiful weddings we've ever been to, spend some time visiting Ben's grandmom who is in the hospital, & see a lot of friends & family that we've missed so much since we made the big move. Thanks for making us feel like we never left!

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