Friday, October 30, 2009

So I want to write my words on the face of today.

Trick or treat? I would like to think that you see this blog as a treat, so we'll go with that. I'm wearing my new OU t-shirt, my fun polka dot socks that were on sale at Target & it's Friday - hooray!

The Show-Me State
Let's begin with our MO road trip last weekend. It was so good to spend some quality time with my crazy family! We played some games, ate Spfld cashew chicken & were able to have lunch with my grandparents on Sat. The Mudhouse was as awesome as ever & the weekend flew by! I would be sad if the holidays weren't right around the corner. 

My Office Quote of the Week
“Could you make a new copy of this print because this one has blood spots on it?”

Bdays are Months, not Days!
November is right around the corner which means that it's almost time for my amazing hubby's bday! Yep, that's right people ...on July 1st & Nov 1st we wake up & tell each other happy birth month because that's how we roll.

Ben grew up in a family with 4 kids where bdays were not such a big deal. I, on the other hand, being an only child for 7 yrs. & then 1 of 2 am not sure what it's like NOT being treated like a princess with the red carpet rolled out for you on your bday! I would say that we have compromised on this during the course of our marriage, but I'm pretty sure I won this one & Ben is slowly getting on board.

All Hallows' Eve
Since there were no Halloween parties on the agenda, we decided to host our own & I'm super excited about it! We still have a lot of details to iron out including our costumes, activities & how we're going to fit so many people in our tiny house, but I'm sure fun will be had by all.

The Office was GREAT last night even though only the first short segment had to do with Halloween. We had another semi-movie night last night even though we only watched 1 movie instead of 2. Away We Go was an amazing film which I highly recommend, especially if you are in a transitional time in your life as we are. Ben also downloaded an awesome song called Change by Blind Melon which pretty much rocked our world - love it! I hope everyone has a scary, fun-filled Halloween weekend!

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  1. Away We Go was a good movie. There was some talk about it on some Christian sites being an unfair picture of families in America and ultimately anti-marriage, but I didn't get that from it. Of the four couples two were married. The main characters weren't married only because the woman had emotional baggage from her parent's death that she refused to deal with until the end of the movie. It stands to reason that once that was cleared up, the liklihood of marriage was certain. The other hippie couple that weren't married were obviously freakish and so the fact that they weren't married couldn't possibly be promoting avoidance of marriage. I'll agree that it wasn't a fair representation of families in America, but then again everything that comes out of every kind of story, movie or not, is always exaggerated.

    I'm not sure why I'm using your comments section as a movie review. Sorry.

    Great blog, yet again. I found your (Monica) cliche "MySpace self portrait from above with a head tilt" funny. I realize you were showing off your shirt and so it's completely called for. I'm just saying it's funny. You pull off the pose well.

    Happy Birthday, Ben!

    Change by Blind Melon is good. You should listen to the whole album. You guys are really in a transitional kick, though, huh?