Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Crazy Life

So, the blog did not end in August, and I do remember making the threat. We just got a second wind and I did not carry out my threat. Please forgive!

Life for the Benicas is, how do you say, crazy. Everyday seems to usher in a new challenge, or rather, the same challenges in different packaging, like the show 24. When LOST seems to make more sense to us than our life, we tend to get worried (fortunately, we are not getting any nosebleeds). When you quit wondering what you would take with you if you got stranded on a deserted island, and instead wonder how you’ll get to that deserted island as quick as possible, do you start to consider antidepressants?

Isn’t this where God swoops in and makes it all better? And yet, is that not what he is doing now? The upside to our life now is that we are confronted with more questions that are pushing us towards growth, and I believe, reliance on God. Growing and suffering are not mutually exclusive, at least in my version of the Bible—they go hand in hand. In more modern terms, it’s like we can choose to suck, or we can choose to go in a different direction, even if the other direction is going the same direction in a different way. I think the answer is in the choice, and I think the irony of it all is that God will use any choice in his mysterious ways. Confused? So are we, and we need to be, because our survival depends on it. I keep saying we! This is coming out of my head and not Monica’s, and she sighs when I start talking like this.

Does God really care about the decisions we make, if he is going to use decisions for his purpose anyway (if you let him)? Does God really mingle in what can seem so insignificant in the bigger picture? I’m thankful for questions.

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