Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Few Dollars and a Whole Lot of Change

This whole blogging thing is helpful to me. Thanks for being my vents around the nation (not sure if I have international readers). I realize I am one of several hundreds of thousands or millions that are or will be laid off before this is all finished. As difficult as it has been, the support we’ve received has been awesome and a blessing to say the least. God is at work in our lives and we hope we can be open and ready for change (and not in the political slogan sense). “Yes, He [God] Can” is the motto we are trying to follow.

This weekend we are meeting with a mission team we have considered joining for the last 3 months or so. For all you changeologists, we are in the contemplation phase of this decision. The team is looking at going to Dublin, Ireland later in mid-2009, and we would follow next year. We’ve been in prayer for a while now about this opportunity and we are looking for our markers to line up, as Curt Sparks would say. Being missionaries is something we’ve both considered at different times, although we rarely talked about it because we didn’t know if the other person was serious. We can’t help but think about all the different things pointing us in this direction. As I wrote somebody the other day, it is a whirlwind right now!

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