Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Inspiration for Your Day

Today, I was reminded of a story I have heard, but am not sure the original source. If you know, let me know. The story goes like this:

A woman (could have just as easily been a man) searching for life's answers and wisdom traveled across the world to study under a certain wise man. When she arrived, the wise man told the woman to start reading day and night so she could have all the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Every morning she would get up before dawn and read until after dark. On the first day, the wise man came in with a cane and asked her if she had all the knowledge and wisdom of the world. She said, "No, not yet,"? and then he gave her a hard hit on her head with the cane. This same thing went on for day after day, week after week, month after month. One day after 3 months of this, the woman decided she was tired of getting whacked on the head, so when the wise man asked her the same question, she gave the same answer. When he raised his cane to hit her, she grabbed his arm and looked him straight in the eye and said, "Stop it!"? He lowered the cane, looked at her, and said, "Your training is complete, you can leave now."? "Wait!"? she exclaimed, "I don't have all the knowledge and wisdom of the ages, I'm not finished."? He looked at her and said, "Oh, but you are! You were able to recognize something was hurting you, and you stopped it. That is all the wisdom you need."?

What a crock! No application whatsoever . . . sorry to waste your time.

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