Friday, September 21, 2007

Work, Work, Work

Due to the overwhelming responses to our last few blogs, I thought I would write something not boring. We realized when we go to blogs and we see pictures of happy people on vacation, it makes us hate them, and I mean hate. So, if you hate us, we totally understand. We hate you when you go on vacation. There has also been some controversy surrounding the amount of skin we are showing in some of those pictures. Sorry, but we were in Jamaica and they boo and hiss at you if you have clothes on—we did not want to offend.

We are both now full-time employees. And I am not going to speak for Monica, but it feels good. Grad school finally ended and all my fears about finding work have been vanquished. Work, work, work . . . it’s what we do. I figure if we write a blog about work, we won’t be as much of a threat as when we talk about incredibly awesome vacations to Jamaica with white sand beaches and crystal blue water.

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