Friday, August 17, 2007

Spiders and Hurricanes

The picture of the spider here may be misleading. Monica battled this spider to the death (and won) the other morning because I was not there to do the dirty work. She did, however, take a picture of the spider to prove that it was "huge."? The misleading part is the drain the spider is next to is actually 2 feet in diameter! Okay, I am lying, but that is what it would take for a spider to be "huge"? in my book. I thought about writing a long blog about how much Monica dislikes spiders, but there are more important things to discuss . . . like hurricanes.

Hurricane Dean is headed right for Jamaica, which is right where we are supposed to go next week for our vacation. This has us worried, although there is no telling what the hurricane will do, if anything, to our vacation destination. But then it dawned on us that we should probably be more worried about people potentially losing their lives, than whether or not we get to go next week. We have travel insurance, so we are in good shape, but there are people that do not have much who might lose everything in this storm if it hits Jamaica and other places (it already nailed St. Lucia). So, vacation or no, let's hope Dean calms down and all the islanders are safe.

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