Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kicked Out of Weight Watchers

Yep, that’s right - you read correctly…yesterday I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting & was kicked out. Let me start at the beginning…the past several months my mom has been doing WW & has amazing results to show for it! I am so proud of both her & my dad for losing excess weight, continuing to keep it off & living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve seen how much happier they are & how much more energy they have which inspired me to give it a try so that Ben & I can start early. I’ve gained a little weight since we said our “I do’s” & I have one of those ‘sit at a computer for 8 hrs. a day’ jobs so I thought this would be a great way for us to both get into shape & learn to eat healthy.

After work yesterday I decided to sit in on one of their meetings (which is what they suggest you do if you’re interested). I got a few pamphlets from the receptionist & sat through a short meeting. Everyone there was 55+. There were some nice people & some ‘interesting’ people. One lady told a story about how she used to buy candy bars in bulk at Sam’s & binge eat them, but now she hasn’t had a candy bar or ice cream in 11 years. The funny thing is that she still doesn’t look very ‘healthy’ & apparently this is her second shot at WW. I guess you could say that it wasn’t really my ‘scene’ although I was really trying to blend in. I just felt a little like the whole time everyone was staring at me thinking, “Get out of here skinny girl!”

So at the end of the meeting the leader asked anyone who was new to come & sit up at the front so that she could go over the WW plan. After a few minutes she asked us to turn to page 34 of our booklets. All I had was a pamphlet with 15 pages in it. She acted surprised that they hadn’t given me one & asked me if I had signed up. I told her no & that I was just sitting in on the meeting to see what WW was about before I decided to join. She abruptly said, “Well, I’m not allowed to go over the plan with you then!” Dead silence followed with me picking up my purse & scurrying out. When I was almost out the door I heard a, “We hope you come back soon.” Yeah right!

Don’t get me wrong, I think WW is a wonderful program & we plan on getting their recipes from my mom so that we can incorporate healthy eating into our lives. I do feel like they need to work on how to ‘introduce’ the program better to their prospective clients without shooing them out the door…& that’s how I got kicked out of WW!

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