Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Getting There!

Excuse our lack of updating, we are having fun keeping up with life. I have one week of school after this and then finals. Monica has a final in two weeks as well! The Matts came Monday night and left Tuesday morning and we are going to Christel and Sam’s wedding this weekend. This is all welcome, because life was getting a little boring there for a while.

Our bedroom is blue now. It was purple but this blue caught our eye in the store and purple was so 2 months ago. We actually painted it in one afternoon and evening. One major advantage of small rooms is the little amount of time it takes to paint. I hate to tape the room off so I just paint around the trim with amazing accuracy, and we don’t really use a drop-cloth because of our hardwood floors.

We have some good stuff in store for you soon, so check back early next week!

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