Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Comeback Kid

I have to brag on Monica because she is so incredibly smart. Monday we went to Southwest Tennessee Community College to enroll in a math course, but it turns out you have to take a placement test if you are a new student. Well, Monica hasn’t really been in a math class since her junior year in high school, but she decided to take the placement test right away. Unfortunately, she just barely didn’t clep out of all the lower level math classes, but the college has a policy that you can try again for $20.

Monica was not going to settle for barely not passing and she was definitely not going to pay to take some developmental math class, so she got a study guide for the test some Starbucks and studied for hours. You see, the placement test she took is one of those that if you miss certain questions, it dumbs down the test and then from that point on you do easier questions but get less points. So, you can’t make many mistakes, because if you do, you get dumb questions that don’t get you any points.

After we figured out how to do all the problems on the study test Monday night, Monica got up on Tuesday and marched back in to the STCC testing center and whipped the test like it was nothing. She passed the test with flying colors and showed it who was boss. It takes a lot of determination to do that!

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