Friday, November 5, 2004

We miss the OC

oc_couch.jpgThe premiere of The OC came on last night and since I work until 7 PM on Thursday nights I had to double check & triple check that Ben put a tape in the VCR to tape it for me. On the way home I was singing the theme song to the show (California by Phantom Planet) except I changed the words to say, " Oklahoma here we come right back where we started from OKLAHOMA" instead of California. Don't get me wrong, we're getting into the groove of Memphis & actually like it here a little. There are just moments, days & sometimes weeks that we just want things to be back the way they used to be.

Obviously we miss our friends & family the most, but it's the little things that we miss too. Now I know you are all probably tired of hearing the differences between Edmond heart of America' Oklahoma & Memphis ghetto of America' Tennessee. Some days we just want to have 200 great Mexican restaurants to choose from & to have a Wal-Mart SuperCenter within walking distance from where we live.We don't, however, miss the 400 mph winds in Oklahoma!

There MUST be a reason that we're here & I'm sure whenever we do move away someday those reasons will be obvious, but it's tough. My mom said that whenever their family moved once when she was little that my grandpa told them, "Just stick it out for 6 months & then we'll see." We've been here a little over 2 months so I guess we haven't really given this place a chance. In the meantime, what is everyone's favorite thing about Oklahoma so that we can quench our homesickness?

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